Go Enrol is Being Used in Every Continent

We’re excited to report that Go Enrol’s site has now been accessed by students in every continent (except possibly Antarctica – Google Analytics doesn’t report that).

Students in Europe make up just over half of the visitors. Asia makes up around 30%, followed by the Americas, Oceania and Africa.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a real up-tick in students from South America visiting Go Enrol. Brazil is perhaps unsurprisingly the leader, but students from 10 other countries have also been exploring the UK’s universities and courses.

To date, students from across 42 countries have visited Go Enrol to find out more about what their options are when looking at studying in the UK. The UK is the largest source of visitors, followed by Thailand, Indonesia, the United States and Turkey.

It’s incredibly rewarding for the team to see that our work is helping people across the globe. There are still plenty more we can do to server them better – and we’re working on it.

As ever, if you want to get in touch feel free to reach out to Stephen with any suggestions at stephen@goenrol.com


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