Search Gets a New Design

Over the past days we have been updating our search page. It is a complete overhaul and is a solid improvement on what we had before.

The foundation and logic behind how this search page has been designed is based upon research we have done as part of our RSA Catalyst Award. Through this we have spoken with secondary school students, university students, teachers and career advisers. Their input has been critical to us understanding what do they care about and where the gaps in knowledge are.

Go Enrol new search page

If we start at the top, students are able to quickly choose between searching by institution or course. If they want more filters, they can press “Show Filter” and the filters we’ve identified as the ones they care most about become available.

Since the location of the institution has been found to be important to domestic and international students we decided the map should be put front and centre. This enables students to locate and contextualise where in the world they’ll be studying.

We then have the results area located just below the map.  In the example below, the student has selected universities in the UK.

Go Enrol Search Page Results

These results are dynamically filters from the database of almost 400 institutions we have information about. Here, again, we present information about the universities which we have found from our RSA research to be the aspects they care about.

We are working on some additional features which will make the page even more useful students and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback about the existing design or would like us to test it with more students please do get in touch. The best address to email is stephen[at]




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