A question often asked by students is: “when is the latest I can apply?” Whilst everybody, students included, know that it’s better to prepare an application in advance, it is useful to have those deadlines in the calendar.

Here are some of the most important dates:

15 October 2014: If you are applying to Cambridge, Oxford and any course in Medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science.

15 January 2015: This is the major deadline for applications to be submitted.

07 May 2015: If you have received all of your offers by 31 March, you must reply to any offers by this date. If you don’t reply, the offers will assume to have been declined.

05 June 2015: If you receive all your offers by 08 May 2015, you must reply to any offers by this date otherwise the offers will be automatically declined after this date.

14 August 2015: If you haven’t got a confirmed university place on or before this date, the Clearing period starts.

30 September 2015: Clearing Closes.

There are more dates within this, but if you use this a starter guide you’ll be on the right track.

If you would like a university admission consultant to help you with course selection and applications, we are proud to offer a consulting service .




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