For the second year running, Go Enrol has conducted a survey of English language schools in native-English speaking countries. The primary goal is to understand the industry better and play a small role in helping schools improve themselves.

Some of what we found won’t be surprising for those in the industry, for example that agents remain the dominant force for supplying students to schools. Having this reaffirmed by peers is, however, useful. For schools in the UK, a major challenge for much of 2015 was the strong pound which has led some to explore courses which are perceived as more value-add. The idea that students signed up for a courses because they were, at least in part, wanting a “holiday” became less popular when we compared it to last year’s data.

We still find that the industry is very fragmented. Whilst there are of course some major international brands, when we asked the schools which schools in the industry are setting the standard for English language training – not one school was named twice. Accreditation bodies did come in for praise though. The British Council appears to be particularly well regarded.

These findings and more have been put together in an Executive Summary which we are making available for $39. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please go to our partner website and follow the Paypal process – website.


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