During this week, Go Enrol conducted a straw poll of English language schools in the UK. We asked Directors, Marketing Managers and other senior staff, how they were thinking of voting in the upcoming EU referendum.

The overwhelming response was that people working at language schools wanted the UK to stay in. In fact nine out of ten said they wanted to vote to stay in the EU.

A few of those who took part shared their reasons for wanting to stay. These reasons included concerns that voting to leave would be perceived as “We don’t like foreigners”. Other reasons cited were that having student tourists was key to survival and that valued staff members are from other EU countries and a vote to leave creates uncertainty about their employment.

However, with an industry with thousands of individuals working hard to improve student opportunities and create livelihoods for their communities, our poll’s sample size is too small to be representative of the whole industry. It gives a small taste of sentiment at this time.

Image credit: Wikipedia