About Go Enrol

Go Enrol was founded to make enrolment easier for students and institutions.

Her are some key dates from our story so far…

October 2014: Go Enrol founder, Stephen Parkes, Finalist in The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

September 2014: Duke of York’s Entrepreneur of the Week

August 2014: Reached our 120th country for Go Enrol to be used in

July 2014: Finalist in EducationInvestor “New Kid” category

June 2014: Reached 100th country for Go Enrol to be used in

May 2014: Launched Go Enrol’s Forum

March 2014: iOS app launched globally

February 2014 : Android app launched globally

December 2013:  Winner of a Catalyst Award from the RSA

December 2013: Selected for Start-Up Chile

November 2013: Winner of a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas award

August 2013: Go Enrol reached over 300 institutions listed with over 30,000 courses searchable

June 2013: Received an Innovation Voucher from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board

March 2013: Our beta information portal launched

January 2013: Joined Accelerate Cambridge, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


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