Go Enrol Founder Writes for the RSA

Go Enrol Founder Writes for the RSA

Last week, Stephen Parkes’s, Founder of Go Enrol, post for the RSA about what Go Enrol has been doing was published. It focuses on what Go Enrol has done around supporting students discovering and applying for university courses. Details include:

The range of people who have used us for personal support has been vast. It has been everything from the 18-year-old girl in Pakistan who was determined to find a way to do her bachelors degree in the UK to a student from the UK who just missed their university offer and was reapplying, to a Middle Eastern gay man who wanted to study in a gay friendly city in the UK. The circumstances and sensibility of each student require us to do our best to accommodate their situation and what their goals are.

You can read the full post on the RSA website.


Go Enrol Blogs for the RSA

Today, Stephen’s blog post for the RSA went live:

This is a guest post from Fellow Stephen Parkes. Stephen was awarded a Catalyst Grant for his project Go Enrol, a website allowing potential students to compare higher education opportunities on the issues that matter to them. Stephen is particularly keen to find Fellows who can introduce student career advisors, teachers and parents of students who looking at going to university.

You can read the whole post on the RSA blog.

Recommendation Engine Live

We have now launched our recommendation service on all university and college pages. This feature aims to help students who are still discovering which institutions offer the course they are interested in. It also, aims to raise awareness of courses where it is possible to do two disciplines.

At the bottom of every undergraduate course page, there are now five courses highlighted as similar. All of these courses have similarities with the course the student is looking at.

Go Enrol Search University Courses

At the bottom of the options, they are presented they can press “load more” which will then automatically load another five options.

In this example the student is looking for a history degree at undergraduate level –

Go Enrol search courses

To see the site in action, go to the Search page to start discovering courses.

This feature has in part been developed thanks to the RSA Catalyst award which Go Enrol received. During 2014 we have been speaking, and surveying students along with career advice offices about the challenges faced. Helping students get a better idea of what is out there, was one factor. The recommendation service we have now introduced is one part of the puzzle, and an aspect of the site we will be aiming to improve further.

Founder to Speak at Emerge Cambridge

Stephen Parkes, founder of Go Enrol, has been invited to speak at the inaugural Emerge Cambridge Conference on 1st March 2014.

The Emerge Cambridge Conference is to offer a wide range or talks, panel sessions and workshops. The focus of the event is social enterprise. It brings together those who are active in the space, with those looking to get involved and those just curious to find out more.

In the afternoon there will be a panel on the impact of technology on social enterprise. Stephen will be discussing the role technology is playing in education.

If you would like to find out more about the Emerge Cambridge Conference then check out their website.

For tickets click here.