Go Enrol Founder Writes for the RSA

Go Enrol Founder Writes for the RSA

Last week, Stephen Parkes’s, Founder of Go Enrol, post for the RSA about what Go Enrol has been doing was published. It focuses on what Go Enrol has done around supporting students discovering and applying for university courses. Details include:

The range of people who have used us for personal support has been vast. It has been everything from the 18-year-old girl in Pakistan who was determined to find a way to do her bachelors degree in the UK to a student from the UK who just missed their university offer and was reapplying, to a Middle Eastern gay man who wanted to study in a gay friendly city in the UK. The circumstances and sensibility of each student require us to do our best to accommodate their situation and what their goals are.

You can read the full post on the RSA website.


Go Enrol Quoted in the Times Higher Education

Go Enrol Quoted in the Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education have just published their Student Experience Survey. Accompanying it they have articles which delve into various topics and issues which students face when deciding where to study.

Stephen Petty, author of the article “Sixth sense – or how to choose the best courses” approached Go Enrol for a comment about which factors play a role in determining which university an international student will apply for. Go Enrol, CEO, Stephen Parkes commented that:

…while the cachet of studying in the UK used to be enough, many students now want to study at a university that is familiar to their employers and to their social circle at home.

Mr. Petty made many other suggestions and observations which we agree with in his article, such as location being important and the value of being able to visit the university before applying.

If you are looking for courses in the UK, please see Go Enrol’s search page or if you are looking for more personal advise we offer a consulting service.

First Lines for Application Essays

In our University Consulting division, one of the most common questions we are asked when a student is applying to university is “How should my personal statement begin?”. This is a tough question to answer. The first statement needs to combine being personal and grabbing the reader’s attention yet make sure it doesn’t sound like a tabloid newspaper headline.

This week when we came across a Stanford Magazine article which details some of Standford’s undergraduate admissions staff’s favourite opening lines. It’s important to remember that the tone and focus of application essays can be different for different countries, but that doesn’t mean these aren’t great fun to read and wonder what happened next . Here is a taster:

Sitting cross-legged on the floor of a Bhimanager slum dwelling in Bangalore, I ran my fingers across a fresh cut on my forehead.


Cancer tried to defeat me, and it failed


Some fathers might disapprove of their children handling noxious chemicals in the garage.


On a hot Hollywood evening, I sat on a bike, sweltering in a winter coat and furry boots.

If you enjoyed those, do see more of them here on Medium.


The Deadline Dates for UK Undergraduate Applications

The Deadline Dates for UK Undergraduate Applications

A question often asked by students is: “when is the latest I can apply?” Whilst everybody, students included, know that it’s better to prepare an application in advance, it is useful to have those deadlines in the calendar.

Here are some of the most important dates:

15 October 2014: If you are applying to Cambridge, Oxford and any course in Medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science.

15 January 2015: This is the major deadline for applications to be submitted.

07 May 2015: If you have received all of your offers by 31 March, you must reply to any offers by this date. If you don’t reply, the offers will assume to have been declined.

05 June 2015: If you receive all your offers by 08 May 2015, you must reply to any offers by this date otherwise the offers will be automatically declined after this date.

14 August 2015: If you haven’t got a confirmed university place on or before this date, the Clearing period starts.

30 September 2015: Clearing Closes.

There are more dates within this, but if you use this a starter guide you’ll be on the right track.

If you would like a university admission consultant to help you with course selection and applications, we are proud to offer a consulting service .