BREXIT’s Impact on the UK’s Language Schools

BREXIT’s Impact on the UK’s Language Schools

During the week of 22nd August 2016, Go Enrol sent out a poll to language schools in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our goal was to get direct feedback from schools on whether they were noticing any impact on bookings since the referendum on the UK leaving the EU.

We asked the question:

What impact do you think BREXIT has had on your school’s course bookings?

The response options were:

  • Very Positive – we have seen a lot more bookings due to the vote
  • Positive – we have seen some improvement in booking numbers due to the vote
  • Unsure – bookings are up/down/the same, but I can’t say if BREXIT played a role
  • No Impact – booking levels are as we expected
  • Negative – we have seen bookings go down due to the vote
  • Very Negative – we have seen bookings drop substantially due to the vote

In total 16 schools replied. Ten schools from England, three from Ireland, two from Scotland and one from Wales.

Impact of BREXIT

No school in England said the result had been positive for them and a few were prepared to say it had been negative. In contrast, some schools in Scotland and Wales reported that bookings had improved, with none of them saying it had been negative.

From our sample, it was clear that the impact, if any, BREXIT is going to have directly is yet to be fully understood. Ian Mucklejohn from Vacational Studies expressed that:

None of our students can understand why the vote went this way.

In the immediate week after the vote, one school has told us that bookings were very negatively impacted, but that the weaker pound has helped bring bookings back to expected levels. The impact of the pound was one noted by other schools such as inlingua Edinburgh which told us:

We had an increase due to the depreciation of the pound.

Paul Clark from LTC Eastbourne also reported that the weaker pound was positive. He did, however, balance this by explaining that the “perception of xenophobia” and “fear of need for visas” are leading agents to more seriously consider alternative locations such as Ireland and Malta. These are long term issues and as Paul said:

[it’s] too soon to say what the effect has been.

As for the schools from Ireland who took part in the poll. They all reported that either they were unsure if BREXIT had had any impact or that it had not had an impact.

Stephen Parkes, CEO of Go Enrol, said:

What this snapshot shows is that BREXIT has not perhaps had the immediately devastating impact some had expected. The short-term benefits have been mixed, with a weaker pound being a key factor in helping some schools see a boost in bookings. Voting to Leave has, however, created uncertainty for schools and students around issues such as visas.

Until the government and the EU make clear what the future policies will be, it is up to everybody in the sector to support and help educate prospective students about what the current situation is.

If you have any questions about the poll or want to get in touch with Go Enrol, please use the contact form below.



Go Enrol Joins Microsoft BizSpark

Go Enrol Joins Microsoft BizSpark

We’re happy to let you know that we have been accepted onto the Microsoft BizSpark program. This competitive program to be accepted onto offers a range of support to growing, tech businesses.

What does this mean for our customers and users of The same great and always improving support will still be the case. This support from the Microsoft BizSpark program helps us behind the scenes to be more efficient. This will free up more resources and time to further improve Go Enrol to help students and parents find the best courses and schools.


Welcome to Our New Partners in Spain

Welcome to Our New Partners in Spain

We are thrilled to have signed up five new language school partners in Spain. This enables us to offer a range of new high quality Spanish courses to students. The courses are open to students from any country and are all provided by accredited language schools. Their courses can be easily found from the Go Enrol search page.

These are our new partners:

K2 Internacional

K2 Escuela

Founded in 2001, K2 Internactional has been teaching students Spanish in the beautiful town of Cadiz. The school prides itself not just on its language lessons, but also it’s cooking classes.

Taronja School

Taronja School

Tarjona school is located in the famous city of Valencia. The school is creative hub with each room having a personal touch.

FU International Academy

TF-00553-D Puerto de la Cruz

With two schools in stunning Tenerife, who isn’t going to a little jealous of students going to study with FU Academy International. They offer a range of Spanish courses, including specialist offerings such as Spanish and Surfing.


OnSpain - learn Spanish in Spain

OnSpain offers Spanish lessons in the ever popular tourist city of Malaga. Spanish lessons are provided to students of all abilities – from complete beginners through to experienced speakers wanting to polish up.

Hispania escuela de espanol

Vista exterior- learn spanish in spain

And finally, but far from least, is Hispania escuela de espanol. This school has received super feedback from past students and has been recognised as one of the top five Spanish schools in Spain. Based in Valencia, Hispania escuela de espanol provides Spanish lessons for all abilities. In between class, students can even take a break on their roof-top balcony!

The signing up of these partners means that students can now use Go Enrol to apply for courses in 10 countries.

Go Enrol’s CEO, Stephen Parkes, had this to say: “Beginning to work with these new partners signals an exciting new step for Go Enrol. We’re already used by a lot of students in the UK and US, so I’m glad that we are able to help them further by bringing them, and others, these courses.”

If you are a language school interested in working with Go Enrol, please contact schools[at] to introduce yourself.

New Feature: Using Go Enrol in Spanish

New Feature: Using Go Enrol in Spanish

Students and parents whose first language is Spanish can now navigate Go Enrol in their native language. We have updated Go Enrol so that all the main menus and language course pages can be navigated in Spanish.

A lot of students from Spain use Go Enrol to find information about language courses. By introducing this new feature we hope to help them and new students using Go Enrol.

The language feature is in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Once the language is selected, within a fraction of a second the site switches to the student’s preferred language.

Why not give it a try : ) Try searching for an English language course on our search page.

150 and Counting

150 and Counting

Go Enrol continues to be used by students in a growing number of countries. We have now passed 150 and are well on our way to 160. The fact that we are being used in every continent is a fact we are proud off and are working hard to ensure we can support students regardless of location and background.

Since the last update about the number of countries we have been adding more services and information for students. We are now working with schools in nine different countries to help bring them to students all over the world.

The main countries we are used in are:

  • UK
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • United States

We also attract attention from students in Vietnam and Spain.

If you have any questions about working with Go Enrol please email: schools[at]

If you have any press enquiries, please email: press[at]

More Than 140 Countries

More Than 140 Countries

We are thrilled that Go Enrol has now been used by students in over 140 countries and territories to discover information about courses, universities and language schools.

Historically, we have seen most students visiting Go Enrol coming from Thailand, the UK,  India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Whilst these remain some of our main sources, in December we have seen increasing numbers of students from the United States and Kuwait using Go Enrol to discover course information.

If you are a language school or university looking to access more international students, we would love to hear from you. Email blog[at]

Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014

Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014

Go Enrol is proud to announce that we are a nominee in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014.

Simon Burton, founder of the Awards, explains:

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are all about celebrating inspiring entrepreneurs.  We believe that entrepreneurs are the engine room of the economy, the drivers of national wealth. More importantly we believe that entrepreneurs forge innovation, disrupt tired markets, and foster positive change.

Stephen Parkes, CEO and a Founder of Go Enrol, said:

Being a nominee in these high-profile awards is a super boost to Go Enrol. It’s great that the business is being recognised, not just within education but by the wider community.